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Motorcycle wrecks are violent events. An overwhelming majority of accidents involving motorcycles result in serious biker injury or death. To make matters worse, bikers are often assumed to have been at-fault for the accident. In reality, many of the accidents are the result of other drivers failing to watch out for motorcycles when driving, particularly when changing lanes or making left-hand turns. The results are devastating, even if the rider was wearing a helmet and driving defensively.

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, it is important to protect your legal rights with the help of a motorcycle accident attorney in Alabama. That’s why you should contact Griffith, Lowry & Meherg. You likely have a lot of questions and concerns after a motorcycle accident. You can rely on our experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers to give you the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about your future, including your medical care, interactions with insurance companies, and what compensation you are entitled to under the law.

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You certainly have plenty of options when it comes to hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in Alabama. Why choose our firm? The answer is simple: Experience and a reputation for results.

For over 40 years, our Alabama motorcycle accident attorneys have been protecting the rights of motorcycle riders after injury. We are also able to help families of loved ones killed in motorcycle accidents with compassionate legal counsel.

Our lawyers are premier personal injury attorneys who are local, aggressive and dedicated to our clients. Our record of client wins stretches back decades, and while no one can guarantee a result, you can trust that we know how to maximize compensation and get our clients the legal counsel they need to make good decisions in their cases.

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You may not be aware of what you should do after an accident to protect your right to full and fair compensation. At Griffith, Lowry & Meherg, we offer free initial consultations so that you can meet with us, get answers to any questions you may have and learn how we can help. You can discover for yourself, without cost or obligation, why our firm is the right choice for you.

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