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We Help Families In The Aftermath Of A Truck Wreck

Semi trucks are a key part of our transportation system. There is also a lot of pressure on truck drivers and transportation companies to deliver goods on time. This can lead to overloading the tractor-trailer to dangerous levels. The driver may skip needed rest or drive recklessly in order to get to the destination on time.

When drivers and transportation companies fail to prioritize safety, the result is serious injury for innocent people out on the road. At Griffith, Lowry & Meherg, we are all too familiar with the ways in which an accident with an 18-wheeler or other large commercial vehicle can upend entire families.

Your Lawyers For Serious Injury

Accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles usually result in life-altering injuries or death. Griffith, Lowry & Meherg has obtained significant wins on behalf of clients who have had their lives turned upside-down because of a truck accident.

We know how traumatic brain injuries can lead to symptoms and ailments that last a lifetime. Spinal cord injuries may forever impact your ability to work. If you have been seriously injured, you need attorneys who are experienced in catastrophic injury cases and know how to fight for the rights of the injured in and out of court.

Helping The Injured For Decades

As an established and well-respected law firm based in Cullman, Alabama, we know what you are facing if you have been injured in a tractor trailer wreck. We have also represented family members who have tragically lost a loved one.

While we can’t change what happened, we can help you understand what you need to do to protect your legal and financial future while you focus on your recovery.

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