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Legal Counsel You Can Rely On After Brain Injury

Brain injuries are complicated. For one, it is difficult to diagnose the extent of a head injury and there may not be any initial symptoms. Insurance companies will generally assume the minimum amount of treatment is appropriate for any injury. For brain injuries, this can lead to settlement offers by the insurance company that are far less than the actual costs needed to treat your injury.

At Griffith, Lowry & Meherg, our personal injury lawyers have worked with a number of victims suffering from head trauma. We know how damaging and disruptive head injuries can be. We will work tirelessly to help document the extent of your injury and we always fight to maximize compensation for accident victims.

Legal Guidance Through Every Step of Your Case

From the moment you begin working with us, we will provide you with legal counsel that puts your interests first. We can help you get an accurate diagnosis and determine what medical treatment you need. We will investigate the circumstances of your accident as needed, whether by examining the police report, looking at the scene of the accident or interviewing witnesses.

We prepare every case for trial, knowing that insurance companies are not likely to offer you full and fair compensation unless they know you have an experienced trial attorney on your side ready to bring your case before a jury.

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Recovering and managing a head injury requires your focus. That is why we take care of all of the legal details on your behalf. When you work with us, you can rely on our experience, knowledge and courtroom skill to protect your right to financial and legal help after being in an accident.

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