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How to be safe among distracted Alabama drivers

When you drive to and from work, you’ve probably seen fellow members of the work force multitasking behind the wheel. From balancing a breakfast sandwich in one hand and coffee in the other during a morning ride to texting and driving in stop-and-go afternoon traffic — you’ve witnessed plenty of distracted drivers. You’ve seen the signs but might be wondering how prevent an accident with a reckless driver.

It’s essential to do all you can to spot and dodge inattentive drivers who share the road with you. A closer look at texting and driving, reveals that those who type or scroll through their phone while driving increase their chance of getting in an accident by 23 times. Since you can only control your actions on the road, it’s important to consider all the ways you can avoid being on the receiving end of a distracted driver’s poor choices.

Pay attention to speed

If a driver is trying to fix their hair in the mirror, then they might wind up driving well under the speed limit because they think that will justify the risk in this behavior. Or, if someone is constantly adjusting the radio, then they might lose their focus and drive well over the speed limit. Take note of both extremes and try to always maintain a safe distance between cars in front of and behind you.

Warn fellow drivers

Distracted drivers might also swerve or slam on the brakes because when they aren’t giving the road ahead their full attention. When you believe a driver is on destructive path or nearly crashes into you, you can honk your horn to serve as a warning to both the distracted driver and everyone else you are travelling alongside. Of course, you should only do so if you are fully in control of your vehicle.

Spread the word

Chances are you’ve had a friend or loved one text you that they are on the way to your place and within minutes they are at your doorstep. Meaning texting while driving is very a reasonable explanation for the timing of their message. To help make the roads safer for everyone and take care of your loved ones, you can try and encourage to put their phone down while they drive. And if you have teen drivers, who are more likely to text and drive, try implementing a phone locking or text blocking app to instill safe driving habits.

Someone else’s careless actions can result in a painful collision. But if you become a victim in a car crash­­, then an experienced personal injury attorney can help you deal with the repercussions.