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Making errors on a car insurance claim could cost you

Car accidents are a common occurrence in America. From minor fender benders to multi-vehicle pileups, car insurance companies process thousands of claims every day. Insurance adjusters do their best to discern what happened in each incident, parsing through the accounts of those involved, law enforcement reports and even witness testimonies. Adjusters must use a practiced eye to find the truth amid so many different stories.

Accidents are stressful and can cause drivers to misremember important details. Without an accurate representation, the claims adjuster cannot properly award damages, potentially footing the victims with the bill. If you want to avoid voiding an entire claim, do not make the following filing mistakes.

The 5 most common car insurance errors

  1. Incomplete claim: Incomplete claims do not account for the full picture. You may feel fine after the accident and put off seeing the doctor for weeks. Similarly, if the car is still running, you may not take it into the shop. If you file a claim that overlooks a doctor’s report or mechanic’s bill, you may lose your opportunity to secure damages.
  2. Unnecessary claim: Many people believe they should file a claim for every minor accident. Though diligent, this can cost you in the long run. Claims below the deductible will not pay out a cash reward but will likely increase your monthly premiums. Even claims slightly higher than the deductible may cover the damage, but again, the increase in rates may end up costing more.
  3. False claim: Some people file claims with misleading information, hoping to redirect fault for the accident to another driver. Insurance adjusters will examine all the evidence from all involved parties to discover the truth. False claims could void an entire policy or even result in fraud charges.
  4. No photographic evidence: After an accident, take as many photos as possible. Get shots of each vehicle and its damage, the road conditions, nearby stop signs or traffic lights, weather, etc. Photos are often the most impactful evidence on a car insurance claim.
  5. Too much information: An insurance adjuster will likely call you after an accident and ask how you are doing. Do not tell the adjuster you are “okay” or “fine” — this may lead the adjuster to claim your injuries were not serious, negating parts of the claim. Only ever refer adjusters to professionals like your doctor or your mechanic.

A lawyer can help file a complete and accurate claim

To secure the coverage you deserve, you’ll need to file a comprehensive insurance claim free of errors. People have more success in securing the coverage they need when working with a local attorney familiar with Alabama car accident laws.