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How to increase your visibility as a motorcyclist in Alabama

Due to plenty of favorable weather in Alabama, motorcyclists can comfortably put in more miles each year than fellow riders across the country. But no matter how many miles you and your bike have seen together, it’s never a bad idea to try and increase your visibility.

One universal issue all motorcyclists face is that their small size, compared to other motor vehicles, can often make them difficult for drivers to spot. To prevent your next joy ride from turning into your last ride, you should always keep blind spots in mind and make changes to both your riding attire and your bike.

Riding habits that can help you stand out

There are a couple different ways you can try to ensure fellow motorists know you are nearby. First off, staying out of the blind spots of drivers is crucial. You can do this by keeping your distance between those in front of and behind you and not riding side-by-side someone for a long time.

It can also be useful to watch and respond to a driver’s tail lights, the same way you look out for traffic lights. So, if you see the vehicle in front of you activate their brake lights, then you should slow down. And if you notice any drivers in your vicinity with their turn signals on, you should allow them to make their lane change or turn rather than speeding up to pass them. Riding defensively may help motorists keep better tabs on you.

Types of clothing and accessories to try out

Spicing up your wardrobe and decking out your bike can help you get the attention of car, truck and bus drivers as well. Wearing florescent tones during day rides can help you stand out. In fact, one study reveals that wearing a helmet that’s bright in color can reduce a motorcyclist’s chance of getting in an accident by nearly 25%. At night, you might want to consider clothing items with reflective features. You can turn your brightness up even higher by adding additional lighting to you bike or adding reflectors to your bike, helmet or boots.

Since nearly 5,000 riders lost their lives in fatal crashes in 2018, it’s important to not forgo any safety gear when you ride. You don’t have to buy a brand-new wardrobe, but if it’s time to upgrade an old helmet or padded jacket, try to seek out something flashier than your last.