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Car accident damages and how they help victims

Car accident damages can help address the needs and challenges car accident victims face following a car accident. The different types of personal injury damages available to help injured car accident victims is something car accident victims and their families should be familiar with as they embark on the recovery process following an unexpected car accident.

Car accident damages

Personal injury damages include a variety of damages designed to help car accident victims including:

  • Medical expenses damages – medical expenses can be significant for injured car accident victims who may have surgery and hospital costs, bills for doctor’s visits and equipment and medication costs.
  • Future medical care expenses damages – depending on the nature, severity and impact of the victim’s injuries, future medical care costs may also be available to them.
  • Disfigurement and disability damages – depending on the nature of the car accident victim’s injuries, damages for disfigurement and disability may also be available.
  • Lost wages damages – lost wages may mount as the victim is unable to work while recovering from their injuries which is a category of damages injured car accident victims may be able to receive.
  • Lost-earning capacity damages – depending on the nature and extent of the car accident victim’s injuries, if they are unable to return to their usual work because of their injuries, lost-earning capacity damages may also be available.
  • Pain and suffering damages – pain and suffering damages may be available to help car accident victims with the emotional toll and suffering associated with a car accident.

In addition to being familiar with the different types of physical, financial and emotional damages car accident victims may receive, injured victims and their families should also know how to access those damages. A personal injury claim for damages can help them do that and hold a negligent driver responsible for the harm they have caused.