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Trucks collide on wet Alabama road, sending three to the hospital

Large trucks are often seen on the road in Huntsville and across Alabama. These vehicles and their drivers perform a vital service delivering goods. Still, there is an inherent danger with them due to their size and the speeds at which they travel. When inclement weather is added to the mix, there can be motor vehicle accidents with injuries and fatalities. Not only can these crashes result in catastrophic injuries, but they can result in financial challenges with medical expenses and the inability to work. A legal filing might be needed to recover a sufficient amount for all that was lost.

Two trucks collide on wet road, injuring three

Two tractor-trailers collided resulting in three people being injured and hospitalized. According to the investigation, the accident happened in the early morning hours shortly after 4 a.m. A 1996 Freightliner went over the median on the road, allegedly due to the wet conditions. It crashed into a 2019 Peterbilt and flipped onto its side. When emergency services arrived, they found three people were hurt. They were taken to the hospital. The status of the injured people is unknown and the investigation into the crash is continuing.

The aftermath of a truck accident can cause many challenges

People who have been hurt in a truck accident can face myriad problems. Injuries can range from minor to catastrophic to fatal. If the victim survives, there can still be head injuries, spinal cord damage, cuts, broken bones and emotional trauma. Treatment including hospitalization, surgeries and rehabilitation can be exorbitantly expensive. If the person cannot do the same work he or she did before, this adds another layer of worry to the equation. When there is a fatality, the family left behind will have their own issues to navigate personally and financially.

Legal advice could be imperative to assess the options

Insurance companies might try to offer a settlement to avoid a potentially costly legal filing. Even if the amount offered sounds reasonable, it is frequently insufficient to pay for all that was lost. Having legal assistance may be essential to understand how to negotiate a fair settlement or to move forward in court. This accident seems to have been due to unfortunate circumstances. Regardless, those involved must remember their rights. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in truck accidents may be able to help.