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Lawrence County commissioner killed while riding motorcycle

Many Alabama residents love their motorcycles, but they know that if they collide with an automobile or a truck, the greater mass of the other vehicle probably means death or a serious injury. Such was the tragic case for Lawrence County Commissioner Joey Hargrove.

The accident

Commissioner Hargrove died on Monday, March 22, when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by another vehicle on Alabama Highway 24 just east of Moulton, Alabama. Hargrove was taken to the Cullman Regional Hospital where he was eventually succumbed to his injuries. According to police, the other vehicle was a Ford Focus driven by a 58-year-old man from Huntsville. The driver of the Ford was apparently not injured.

No other details of the accident have been released. Several media reports stated that police in the area are continuing to investigate the accident.

Now what?

When police say they are continuing to investigate an accident, they generally mean that their accident reconstruction specialists have visited the scene, made numerous measurements and photographs, and are using the basic laws of physics to “reconstruct” the events involved in the accident.

Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in a similar accident is often interested in pursuing a claim for money damages. Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney can be a helpful first step. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide an evaluation of the evidence, suggest legal arguments to support a claim, and provide an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for loss of financial support and emotional comfort.