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Drunk driving is probably more common in Alabama than you think

A drunk driving accident can take everything away from you in the blink of an eye. It can strip you of your physical and mental health, your financial stability, and your optimism for the future. It can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn for help.

Alabama drunk driving accidents are tragically common

You’re certainly not alone in your struggle. In fact, drunk driving accidents are more common in Alabama than many people realize. Statistics from 2018 show that nearly 250 individuals were killed in drunk driving accidents that year. Another study actually found Alabama to be one of the most dangerous states when it comes to drunk driving, with one out of every three fatalities involving a drunk driver. That study put Alabama behind only Wyoming, South Carolina, North Dakota, and New Mexico in drunk driving fatalities.

The sad reality is that these numbers track the national data, too. Research indicates that approximately a quarter of all traffic fatalities are attributable to drunk driving, while about 290,000 people are injured in these wrecks each year. To put it another way, about 30 people die each day on account of drunk driving, which amounts to one death every 50 minutes. Thousands are injured in that same timespan.

The rate at which drunk driving occurs may be surprising, but the effects of drunk driving aren’t. Alcohol impairment can affect one’s judgment and slow his or her reaction time. Alcohol intoxication can also make it challenging to appropriately gauge the speed of oncoming vehicles and render it difficult to multitask and remain in one’s lane. Any one of these impairments can lead to a tragic accident that leaves an unsuspecting victim with serious injuries.

Getting by after your drunk driving accident

Coping with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be daunting. The pain and suffering can be excruciating, and the financial damages thrust upon you can be difficult to overcome. But you’re more than just another statistic. We know that you’re strong and able to fight for a just outcome. You may just need a little guidance to determine your best course of action.

So, what can you do after being injured in a drunk driving accident? To start, you should speak to witnesses who might be able to help you demonstrate how the accident occurred. You should also obtain police reports and speak to arresting officers who can give you evidence of the other driver’s intoxication. Medical records from the other driver might be helpful, too, especially if his or her blood alcohol concentration was tested at the hospital.

While imposing liability is certainly key in one of these cases, you can’t overlook the importance of proving your own damages. Think about both your economic and your non-economic losses and how you can demonstrate those to a judge or jury. This may mean gathering employment and medical records, but also putting together your story about how your injuries have affected your life.

Fight to hold drunk drivers accountable

Although most drunk drivers who cause accidents are arrested and face criminal charges, those criminal charges don’t do anything for those who have been injured in one of these wrecks. That’s why it’s important that you know what you can do to fight to hold the drunk driver who harmed you accountable. To learn more about what you can do, continue to research this area of personal injury law and how it applies to your set of circumstances.