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Alabama second in the nation for distracted driving

Alabama motorists may notice that many drivers are on their phones or otherwise not paying attention to the task at hand. If it seems as if Alabama has more than its fair share of distracted drivers, this is because it does. The state currently ranks second in the nation for distracted driving.

According to WHNT, distracted driving is a problem among motorists across all age groups. However, research shows that it is particularly commonplace among teenage drivers.

Teens and distracted driving

Studies show that driver distraction plays a role in more than 60% of crashes involving teenage drivers. The problem is especially prevalent during the summer months when more teenage drivers are out of school and out on the roads. During the summertime, fatal teenage driver-involved crashes increase by 26%. An average of 260 teenagers die in wrecks involving driver distraction each month during the summer. Teen passengers are also a frequent cause of driver distraction, with teen motorists and teen passengers proving to be a dangerous and potentially deadly combination.

Types of distracted driving

While teens often drive distracted, other motorists, too, often have their attention elsewhere. Driver distraction comes in three main forms: cognitive, manual and visual distraction. Some common behind-the-wheel behaviors, such as texting and driving, merge all three types of driver distraction, making these behaviors especially dangerous. However, distracted driving may also result from drivers interacting with passengers or fiddling with the vehicle’s navigation or sound systems, among other common forms of distraction.

Of all 50 states, only New Mexico has a bigger problem with distracted drivers than Alabama.