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Factors to consider before accepting an auto insurer’s settlement

If you have been in an auto accident and another party was at fault, you may need to pursue an insurance claim to receive needed compensation for medical expenses, property damage and more. In Alabama, you may be able to recover damages by either making a claim with your own insurer or with the insurance provider of the negligent driver.

If you choose to file an insurance claim, an adjuster may try to calculate your losses and offer you a settlement. However, before accepting an initial amount, it is important to know that the insurance company may not be offering the full value of your claim.

1. An adjuster may try to rush the process

From emergency and follow-up medical care during your recovery to lost income due to forced time off work, even a relatively minor accident may leave you and your family feeling financially desperate. Unfortunately, an adjuster may try to take advantage of the situation by pushing a fast settlement.

2. Agents often make low first offers

Insurance agents are often trained negotiators interested in protecting their own company’s bottom line. If the company does not deny your claim outright, it may try to avoid paying the full value of your damages by making a quick but low offer.

3. You may need time to consider the full impact of the accident

If you experienced a severe accident, it may be weeks or even months until you and your doctor know the full extent of your injuries. Before accepting an offer, make sure you have had the chance to consider all the costs involved in your recovery.

If the insurance provider does not offer an adequate settlement, a robust legal strategy may be necessary to ensure you can receive the compensation you need.