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Navigating insurance disputes

After an accident, people rely on their insurance company to review a claim and provide the settlement that they need to pay bills or make repairs. Sometimes, though, the insurer might not respond as expected. The company may deny a claim or fail to respond to calls and emails.

When people are having trouble with their insurance provider, they might not know what to do. Nerd Wallet says that the insured party can start by reviewing their policy. The policy usually explains what kind of coverage is included. Some policies may require damage to reach a certain value before the insured can receive claim payments, for example.

Keep a paper trail

As people work with their insurance company, they should make sure they document everything. They should keep copies of all the emails they exchange with their insurance agent. As they speak to a claims adjuster on the phone, people may want to take notes. They could also email their agent to confirm the information from the phone call. Additionally, the insured should make sure they get pictures of the damage that their property sustained.

Seek outside aid

Sometimes, insurers might still fail to respond. The Alabama Department of Insurance says that the insured party may need to file a complaint if they cannot resolve problems with the insurance company. Customers typically need to include contact information for both themselves and the insurance company. They should also describe the problem.

After receiving a complaint, the DOI can review the situation. A representative can evaluate whether the insurance provider has met the requisite terms. Additionally, this person can reach out to the insurer.

Sometimes, an insurance company continues to be unresponsive. In this situation, people may need to seek other methods of resolving the problem.