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Riding motorcycles is risky

Motorcycles can be great fun, but there is a high risk of riding them. Their size and lack of protection automatically make them vulnerable to collisions and the riders vulnerable to serious injuries.

There are various factors involved in reducing the frequency and severity of crashes, and they pertain to both the riders and other drivers.

Accident stats and facts

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, fatal injuries are common for motorcyclists. People who operate motorcycles are 28 times more likely to die from a crash than other motorists. Although motorcycles make up only 2% of registered vehicles, they represent 5% of all fatal crashes on the highways. Out of all the accidents that involve motorcycles, 80% of them result in death or some type of injury. The lack of helmet use contributes to a high percentage of fatalities and serious head injuries.

Risk factors involved in crashes

One of the safety issues related to motorcycles is the fact that they do not have adequate crash prevention and warning systems. There is also reduced stability, which contributes to loss of control.

A lack of driving skills is also a risk factor in motorcycle crashes, as operating the vehicle takes special abilities and not everyone obtains adequate training. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that another contributing factor is the fact that not all motorcyclists obey traffic laws such as speed limits or proper lane usage.

Other motorists also play a role in motorcycle crashes. Not many drivers understand how to ride in the vicinity of motorcycles, and it is often hard to see them due to their size. Motorcyclists can reduce risk by riding defensively and making themselves more visible to other drivers.