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FAQs about truck accidents

Any motor vehicle accident can have devastating effects, but collisions involving large trucks or tractor-trailers are often worse than those involving passenger vehicles. Large trucks are an important part of the economy, so both truck drivers and other motorists must learn to share the road with one another.

Here are some commonly asked questions about truck accidents that all drivers should know the answer to.

Why are truck accidents often worse than other kinds of collisions?

The legal limit for truck weight is 80,000 pounds, according to Truckers Report, and it is not uncommon for companies to overload trailers. In contrast, the average passenger vehicle only weighs about 5,000 pounds. This difference in weight and size is the primary reason why truck accidents can be so much worse than those between passenger vehicles.

What are some common causes of truck accidents?

Some common causes of car accidents are also causes of truck accidents, including speeding, distracted driving and failure to follow traffic laws. In addition, overworked and tired truck drivers pose a major risk to other vehicles on the road, and many motorists do not know how to safely drive around tractor-trailers.

How can drivers stay safe around trucks?

Drivers should practice the same safe driving habits when driving near large trucks that they do any other time, but there are some additional steps that they should take:

  • Stay out of a truck driver’s blind spots
  • Leave plenty of room when changing lanes in front of a large truck
  • Be aware of the large turning radius for tractor trailers
  • Follow at a safe distance

If a driver finds themselves involved in a truck collision, the financial toll could be high. Compensation could help with high medical and repair bills.