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Four common causes of RV accidents

Getting out on the open road with family is a dream for many. But when inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel of a massive recreational vehicle, it puts everyone else on the highway in danger. Alabama is one of many states that does not require motorhome operators to have a commercial driver’s license.

Driving a motorhome is no easy task. When untrained operators get behind the wheel of these behemoths, these four common issues can lead to collisions.

1. Tired motorists

Many leave for vacation in the middle of the night, hoping to reach their destination early. While this might be ideal for maximizing a trip, it is problematic for highway safety. Falling asleep while driving is a common problem with overworked truckers; the same goes for exhausted families.

2. Windy conditions

While wind may not affect a more aerodynamic vehicle, tall campers could easily succumb to heavy winds. A strong gust could force a travel trailer into the next lane.

3. Speeding

Driving too fast is always dangerous, especially in an RV. Fifth-wheel trailers could drift or swing behind their lead vehicle. The massive size and weight can easily cause a multi-car pile-up when drivers do not control their speed.

4. Misjudging distance

Knowing when to hit the brakes to prepare for a stop or turn is second nature in a car. Large trucks and RVs require much earlier turn anticipation. Delayed braking can result in trailer jackknifing.

Recreational vehicles are fun, but owners and others sharing the highway should not underestimate their power. RV crashes can quickly ruin lives.