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How can distractions lead to a truck crash?

As you drive on the road, you may notice a truck near you swerving wildly or being oddly aggressive while traveling.

These outward signs can show how distractions cause crashes if truck drivers are not careful. Knowing more about the most common distractions is important for anyone trying to stay safe.

Truck communication devices

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, picking up and using a dispatch device to communicate with other people and keep logs can greatly distract a trucker. This device requires intense concentration and often means drivers take their hands and eyes off of the road.

Even a few seconds of distraction can lead to serious consequences, such as a trucker sideswiping a smaller vehicle or ramming into a car driving in front of them on the road.

Food items and drinks

Being on the road all the time can lead to the inclination to snack and eat meals while driving. Some truck drivers may attempt to unwrap food or open up drinks while steering, which can lead to an accident.

Any action that requires truckers to take their hands off the wheel or look away from traffic around them is a distraction. Although it may seem harmless, eating food while operating a truck can greatly shorten a person’s reaction time if another car pulls out in front of them.

Cell phones

After long hours on the road, a trucker may not want to stop and fully get out of the truck before texting or calling someone. Using a cell phone while in motion on the road can lead to a distracted mind, since the trucker is thinking more about the message than driving.

Even a few simple distractions can cause crashes and serious injuries for other drivers.