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What are some signs of an angry dog?

When you are around animals, there is always an element of fear or hesitation that comes along with this closeness. Dogs can seriously harm you when they bite, even if the owner of the dog does not realize the danger you could be in.

If you are struggling after a dog bite, you may wonder what the signs of an angry dog are.

Strange eye and tail movements

According to Forbes, dogs that are not properly socialized or around humans often can react strongly when a new person interacts with them. Even simple friendly interactions may cause a dog to attack you if the dog is already on edge.

If you can see the whites of their eyes more than usual or if their tail seems tucked down, they may be more aggressive than usual. The body language of a dog can seem strange at first, since they may appear calmer than they actually are.

Growling sounds

A dog that is trying to appear more threatening will often growl more frequently. Although some dogs may seem friendly or otherwise unbothered, these noises should alert you to a wave of underlying anger that the dog feels. Some owners may try to silence the dog, not realizing the growling is a warning sign.

Intense focus

When dealing with a dog that feels territorial, they may stare at you and notice your movements more than they did before. If you notice that the dog seems tense and does not take its eyes away from you when you move, you could be in danger.

Dog bites are a serious concern for your health, so it is important to stay aware of how they happen.