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What should you do after a car accident?

Being involved in a car accident is extremely stressful, even when you have done nothing wrong. In addition to possible injuries, you will also have to contend with expensive damage to your vehicle.

Because accidents are so stressful, you must take the right steps after a collision. Here are a few essential things motorists can do to ensure safety and security.

Move the vehicle out of the flow of traffic

Provided that there are no serious injuries, take steps to move your vehicle out of the way of traffic. If you are on a highway, try to get as far over on the shoulder as possible. If they are available, and it is safe to do so, set up some flares or warning triangles to alert other drivers of your presence. This is especially important at night when visibility is low.

Contact local law enforcement

You should contact the police even if there are no injuries. The police will control the flow of traffic to ensure that other vehicles can safely maneuver around you. They will also create a police report, which details what happened. The police report is very beneficial when it comes to filing a claim with your insurer, as it is an unbiased version of events.

Talk to the other motorists

You must exchange information with the other drivers on the scene for insurance purposes. When exchanging information, keep it civil and brief. Do not go into too much detail, as you may inadvertently admit guilt. You should also remain polite, even if the other driver appears aggravated or angry.

Once you have the information you need, contact your insurance provider right away. They will conduct an investigation to determine fault, which ensures that you receive funds for repairs and medical bills as soon as possible.