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Common causes of truck accidents

Truck accidents cause more damage than most crashes involving passenger vehicles. If a semi-truck collides with a small sedan, the results can be catastrophic, even at low speeds. Policy Advice cautions that the trucking industry will continue to grow, meaning the risk of truck accidents will increase as well. By 2030 truck accidents might become the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

Motorists need to know about the most common causes of truck accidents. Knowing what to look for might provide extra safety when you share the road with commercial vehicles.

Fatigued driving

Unfortunately, many truckers drive well past the point of fatigue. There are laws preventing truck drivers from working dangerous hours, but many ignore them. Sometimes the trucking company pressures them into working long hours, or they might want to get a little extra pay. Either way, look out for the signs of a tired truck driver and give them plenty of space. Stay far away if you notice a truck swerving or creeping into another lane without a turn signal.

Poor maintenance

Most truck drivers maintain their vehicles, but it only takes one poorly serviced vehicle to cause an accident. Almost everyone has seen the remnants of a blown-out tire on the highway. Blowouts and other equipment failures happen far too often, which is even more reason to avoid driving directly behind or next to a semi-truck.

We need commercial vehicles to receive our essential goods and services. Unfortunately, truck drivers make their fair share of mistakes like any other profession. Protect yourself by paying attention to every large commercial vehicle you share the road with.