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Why you shouldn’t consider a car crash an accident

If you are in a crash with another driver, it’s improbable that you or they meant to cause a collision. There’s obviously the odd exception, such as if an angry driver rams you off the road, but most crashes are unintentional.

People typically refer to these as accidents, but if you want to receive the compensation you will need, you need to be prepared to point the finger.

Why might it be the other driver’s fault?

Showing the crash was the other driver’s fault will help you claim compensation. That does not mean you need to say they yanked the steering wheel toward you with a maniacal grin. It means you need to look at the errors they made and pinpoint what they should have done differently to avoid the crash. Here are some examples:

  • They should have looked properly: A driver who t-bones you as they pull out of an intersection may claim they looked but didn’t see you. Someone who side-swipes you while changing lanes might claim the same. You are not invisible, so if they had checked sufficiently, they would have spotted you. Second checks can be crucial to this.
  • They should have slowed down: “Sorry, the car just got away from me” is not a valid excuse for someone losing control on a corner and crashing into you. Drivers should always drive at a safe speed for the conditions. Bends, wet leaves, ice or water on the road all require lower speeds to navigate safely.

Those are just two of the many reasons you might use to hold a driver responsible for your injuries. Seek legal help to discover more and increase your chances of appropriate compensation.