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Is road rage a problem in Alabama?

In the 1990s, road rage plagued many U.S. locations, often leading to motor vehicle accidents or worse. It still happens, even in Alabama, according to a 2022 news report.

Aggressive driving jeopardizes everyone on the road. Families, children and the elderly are all at risk of injury and death when anger leads to aggressive driving.

National road rage facts

Did you know that about half of all drivers react to road rage and aggressive driving with more aggression? Instead of removing themselves from the situation, they get angry and respond to hostility in kind. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents for everyone in the vicinity. Here are a few ore road rage facts to consider:

  • Incidents of road rage rose by 500% over the last decade.
  • More than 65% of crash fatalities involve aggressive driving.
  • Road rage has contributed to approximately 300 fatalities since 2013.

Particularly concerning is that more than 80% of drivers in 2019 admitted to acts of rage while driving.

Can you spot an angry motorist?

If you know what to look for, it might be possible to steer clear of someone driving under the influence of rage. Here are some possible indicators:

  • Honking
  • Tailgating vehicles
  • Cutting off motorists
  • Yelling and gesturing rudely
  • Blocking vehicle lane changes
  • Ramming or bumping into vehicles

Stay away from those displaying the aggressive behaviors above. Even if you are not the target of rage, you could become caught up in the incident and suffer serious injuries.

If a negligent vehicle accident harms you or a loved one, a good approach is familiarizing yourself with Alabama injury and accident compensation laws.