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Why take photographic evidence after a motor vehicle wreck?

Motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Alabama. In fact, statistics show that 932 people died in 853 fatal crashes in 2020 alone. While no one wants to be involved in an accident, it is important to be prepared in case one happens.

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience, but in such situations, taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your legal rights is important. One way to prepare yourself is by taking photographic evidence after a motor vehicle accident.

It provides evidence for insurance claims

Alabama is an at-fault state, which means that the driver found to be at fault for the accident is responsible for paying for damages. Thankfully, photographic evidence can help support your insurance claim.

Your insurance company will want to see visual proof of the damage caused to your vehicle and any injuries sustained. It will help if you have visual evidence of the damage caused to your vehicle and any injuries sustained. 

Photographs can provide clear and irrefutable evidence of the damage to your car and the severity of your injuries. This will help ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to receive.

It helps you remember details

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic and overwhelming. Remembering details about the accident can be difficult after you leave the scene. Photographs help you remember important details that you’ve forgotten over time. This can be helpful if you need to give a statement about the accident or testify in court.

It documents the scene of the accident

Photographic evidence can be used to document the scene of the accident. This includes photographs of the damage to the vehicles involved, the location of the accident and any other factors that may have contributed to the accident. By taking pictures of the scene, you can provide a clear and accurate representation of the circumstances of the accident.

It’s difficult to know what to do to protect yourself and your right to compensation after a car wreck but experienced legal guidance may help.