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New hands-free law in Alabama

Alabama’s new hands-free law is in effect as of June 1, 2024. This law, passed last year, had a one-year grace period to allow drivers to adjust to the new rules.

With that grace period having reached its expiration, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will start strict enforcement immediately.

What is the new hands-free law?

The hands-free law prohibits drivers from holding cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. The goal of this law is to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving claimed 3,308 lives in 2022. The hands-free law aims to lower such statistics in Alabama.

What are the limitations of Alabama’s hands-free law?

Under this new law, drivers may only use electronic devices through hands-free methods. This includes voice commands, Bluetooth or other hands-free technologies. Holding a phone to talk, text or use apps while driving is now illegal. First-time offenders will face fines starting at $50. Repeat offenders may face higher fines and points on their driver’s licenses.

ALEA has been preparing for this enforcement by increasing public awareness. Officers have been conducting campaigns to inform drivers about the new law. They also provided a grace period to educate the public and give them time to adjust. However, starting June 1, ALEA will adopt a zero-tolerance policy.

How should Alabama drivers adapt to the new law?

Drivers should prepare by equipping their vehicles with hands-free technology. This includes phone mounts, Bluetooth headsets or other hands-free devices. By doing so, they will comply with the new law and mitigate the likelihood of car accidents.

Parents should also discuss the new law with teenage drivers. Young drivers are especially prone to distractions from electronic devices. Ensuring that they understand and follow the hands-free law is crucial for their safety and the safety of others.

Alabama’s hands-free law marks a significant step toward reducing distracted driving. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will enforce this law strictly, aiming to make roads safer for everyone.