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Nearby Addison motor vehicle accident requires medical helicopter

Living in our area of the country can often be idyllic. We know our neighbors, care for those around us and the pace of life is often slower. Traffic is also something that we may not often have to deal with, unless, of course, there is an accident. Unfortunately, these all too common incidents, remind us that our roads are just as dangerous as any other road in the country. And, a recent accident in nearby Addison reminds us of this fact.

According to local media reports,  the two-vehicle motor vehicle accident occurred recently on Highway 278. The collision between these two cars on the two-lane road shut the road down for some time, and there was at least one serious injury. So severe, in fact, that a medical helicopter transported at least one person to the hospital with presumably critical injuries.

At this point, this is the extent of what we know, and the Highway has since been reopened. If anyone witnessed the accident or has dash camera footage, please reach out to the police.

The aftermath of accidents

While the term, accident, may conjure up memories of childhood, where a simple sorry was enough to move on, car accidents can have long-lasting, life-altering consequences, sometimes, even resulting in death. Even low-speed accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries that could have negative effects on one’s life for decades. This accident is yet another example of this.

Of course, it is too early to know what happened or place blame on either driver. Though, once it is known what happened, the accident victim should consult an attorney immediately. It may seem crass, but especially when one is facing debilitating injuries and potential job losses as a result, the help of an attorney really is a lifeline to getting back a sense of normalcy for those harmed.