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Have Alabama highway deaths increased?

In recent years, Alabama has struggled with a concerning trend. Despite fewer drivers on the road and a decline in the number of injuries per accident, there continues to be a notable change in highway deaths.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is commonly known as UAB. They shed light on the factors contributing to the rise in deadly crashes.

Examining the data

A recent study by UAB researchers compared data from 2020 through 2022 with records from the years of 2017 through 2019. Despite the pandemic leading to less travel and fewer injuries per collision, fatal crashes in Alabama during these two time periods surged by 26 percent. This increase is scary given the overall decrease of risk factors.

Observing risky behaviors

One conclusion from the study is the continuation of risky driving behaviors. Speeding, driving under the influence and failing to wear seatbelts contributed to the rising number of deaths on Alabama highways at that time. Even after lockdowns ended, these habits and issues still linger.

Thinking about public health

Since car crashes are one of the main reasons people get hurt or killed accidentally in Alabama, it is important to understand why these deaths are going up. Long-term studies provide valuable insights into trends in traffic accidents and contribute to informed decision-making at both local and national levels. It also highlights the importance of evidence-based approaches in addressing public health challenges.

The increase in highway deaths in Alabama is leaving lasting psychological and physical scars. Those facing injuries from a car accident may want to seek fair compensation.