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How concerned should you be about “drowsy” drivers in Alabama?

Most of our readers in Alabama probably know that drunk driving and distracted driving are always a concern when they head out onto the roadways of our state, or anywhere throughout the country for that matter. However, so-called “drowsy” drivers can be just as much of a concern.

Statistics show deadly results

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the statistics show that almost 800 people die each year in America due to being in a motor vehicle accident that involved drowsy driving. On top of that, in one recent year alone – 2017 – the NHTSA statistics show that 91,000 motor vehicle crashes in total involved drowsy driving in some way. It is evident that drowsy driving should be treated as a top concern for drivers, along with drunk and distracted driving.

And, like drunk and distracted driving, drowsy driving is completely preventable. There is probably no good reason why people should keep driving when they feel like they are unable to stay awake behind the wheel. We all have responsibilities in our lives and things to do, but if a person is too tired to focus on the task of driving, that person is a potential danger to all others on the roads.

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