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How can you stay safe when driving in bad weather?

Rain, high winds, slick roads and standing water are all hazards that you may encounter when driving in Alabama. Traveling in bad weather can increase your chances of crashing, especially if you do not practice caution.

If you ever feel uncomfortable driving in certain weather, there is nothing wrong with waiting for conditions to improve. Your vigilance can better protect you from preventable accidents.

Time your travel

There is a lot of value in planning your travel. First, you can avoid the stress of trying to make decisions as you drive. Second, you can anticipate the unexpected and schedule extra time for unforeseen circumstances during your travel. Third, you can enjoy your drive with a better idea of your time so you do not feel rushed. Some other travel planning tips include the following:

  • Check the weather
  • Plan your route
  • Program your GPS
  • Assess your tires
  • Refresh your first-aid kit

Each of these steps can help you feel less stressed if you encounter bad weather. Adequate planning also allows you to take your time driving without the pressure of running late. This way, you can focus on safe and responsible driving. If the weather ever gets bad enough, you can pull off of the road and wait it out.

Turn off cruise control

While cruise control boasts a lot of benefits, it may not be your best option during inclement weather. According to AAA, your risks of losing control on a wet road may increase substantially when using cruise control. For example, if you lose traction on a wet road, many experts recommend slowly letting your foot off of the accelerator. Using cruise control prevents this action. Your ability to respond to weather hazards with precision and control is more effective without the use of cruise control.

Careful planning and thoughtful driving can help you stay safe if you have to travel in bad weather. If you do sustain injuries in a weather-related crash, you may want to hire an attorney to help you identify your next steps.