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How can road rage cause accidents?

Although you may encounter a variety of drivers while traveling, people with road rage often stand out.

This form of anger can lead to serious injuries, including spinal cord trauma and head trauma. Learning how it causes crashes can help you identify what to do if you encounter someone with this issue.

Intense speeding

According to NBC News, a rush of angry emotions can lead to someone on the road following another car. In order to catch up to the other driver, people with road rage often ignore the speed limit.

Tailgating, or someone closely and aggressively following you as you drive, can leave you feeling nervous. This lack of a proper following distance makes it hard for any angry driver to stop if a sudden obstacle appears, which means a crash could happen.

Random lane changes

Road rage can fuel someone’s need to follow another car, including across lanes on a highway. If you notice a vehicle behind you changing lanes or swerving in front of other cars without warning, then you may be witnessing someone with road rage.

This can be especially dangerous on crowded roads or areas with a high speed limit.

Aggression toward others

In some cases, an angry driver may pull over and get out of his or her car in order to speak to you directly. This is often a sign of aggression, since some people may attempt to harm others with a baseball bat or other weapon.

If a driver seems overly combative and is trying to get you to stop your car, you could be interacting with someone with road rage.