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Recognizing the most dangerous roads in Alabama

Alabama has some of the most dangerous roadways in the country. If you live in the state, you may know that there were over 900 fatalities in Alabama car accidents in 2020. As a driver, recognizing the most dangerous roadways can help you stay safer on the road.

There are a few roads that necessitate even more careful attention when you are behind the wheel.

Highway 431

If you ever travel through Kentucky, Tennessee, or Alabama, you may find yourself on Highway 431. Visibility challenges, varying lane structures and fluctuating speed limits create a safety hazard all along this roadway. Memorials along the highway showcase the accidents and fatalities that occurred on the route.

Interstate 65

Interstate 65 connects six different cities across the state of Alabama. Almost 400 miles of highway stretch throughout the state with accidents posing a risk in all areas of the roadway.

Interstate 85

From Atlanta, GA across all of Montgomery County, Alabama, Interstate 85 is the main thoroughfare. This interstate is essential for travel in the region and between Alabama and Georgia. Unfortunately, it is also a risky roadway with one of the highest rates of fatalities on the roadways across the state.

Travel on Alabama’s highways and interstates is far riskier than you might think for many drivers. These are among the most dangerous ones, which means you need to be attentive and cautious when traveling these routes. As a driver, recognize the inherent risk factors associated with the routes that you must travel so that you can keep not only yourself but those drivers around you safe as well.