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Common injuries from car accidents

Car accidents happen at a tragically frequent rate, and they always have the potential to be devastating. The injuries you might sustain in a crash can change your life and your only option for affording the necessary medical bills might be to pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

It is important to always seek medical attention after a collision regardless of how you feel. Even if you do not experience pain right away, it is possible that you might sustain one of these common car accident injuries.


Whiplash is a particularly common auto accident injury that often results from the rapid back-and-forth motion forced upon your neck after a rear-end collision.

Bone fractures

Broken bones in the arms, legs or elsewhere in the body can lead to limited mobility in the long term or even permanent nerve damage. It takes significant force to break a bone, but this is possible in a high-speed impact or in a crush injury situation.

Spinal injuries

The force of a car crash can place extreme pressure on the back or spine, resulting in slipped discs or spinal fractures. In extreme cases, these injuries can cause long-term numbness or permanent paralysis.

Head injuries

Head injuries are common when a crash causes a rollover or forces an occupant’s head to strike the windshield. Traumatic brain injuries are also a real possibility in car accidents, often bringing about cognitive or behavioral changes.

When you suffer catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of another driver, you have the right to claim compensation from the guilty party and their insurance providers. Seeking medical attention is your first priority, though, and doing so can help you strengthen your case against the at-fault motorist.