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Watch out for these dangerous large trucks on the road

All vehicle accidents can lead to severe injuries, but some vehicles pose more personal danger than others. Large trucks used to transport the goods Americans rely on are among the most hazardous to other motorists.

Collisions between large commercial trucks and smaller vehicles often lead to death or severe injuries such as spinal cord or brain damage. Knowing which trucks pose high catastrophic injury risks in a crash can help you avoid them on the road.


Truck accidents involving an 18-wheeler are responsible for some of the worst crash injuries. What makes 18-wheelers especially dangerous is the possibility of your car sliding under the truck during an accident (known as an underride crash). These crashes increase the risk of death and brain trauma for those in the smaller vehicle.

Tanker trucks

Tanker trucks also pose unique accident hazards. The unstable nature of liquid freight (like oil or gasoline) makes it hazardous to drive near these trucks. When liquid cargo sloshes excessively, it can cause truckers to lose control, often resulting in a catastrophic truck crash. Like 18-wheeler accidents, a crash with a tanker often leads to brain and spinal trauma.

Cement trucks

While cement is not truly fluid, this type of cargo can cause sloshing-related accidents like those that plague tanker trucks. Most cement trucks are top-heavy and vulnerable to rollover accidents, which places those driving nearby in immediate danger. Victims commonly suffer severe or life-threatening injuries in cement truck collisions.

Always be cautious when sharing the road with any vehicle that is larger and heavier than yours. If an accident injures you despite your attention to safety, learn more about your compensation options under Alabama injury and accident laws.