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What to do before getting out of your car after an accident

When you are involved in an accident, you may be confused and, in turn, may make moves that can disadvantage you. You should remain calm and stay in your car until you have managed to compose yourself and check for injuries.

This guide discusses three things to do while in your vehicle.

Check for injuries

Adrenaline can mask pain, which means you may not know if you are hurt. Consequently, you may move or try to get out of the car, injuring yourself further. 

For this reason, the first thing to do after being involved in an accident is to check for injuries. If you have passengers, they should also do the same.

If you or a passenger is severely injured, call 911 immediately. Try not to move until medical help arrives.

Move your car

Moving a vehicle after an accident is a debatable subject. However, if a crash has not resulted in serious injuries or death, and it’s clear who is at fault, you can move the vehicle for everyone’s safety. Staying in the middle of a busy road can lead to secondary crashes. Moving also allows traffic to flow smoothly.

Wait for the other driver’s response

After confirming it’s safe to move, you should wait for the other driver’s response. If they take too long to get out of their vehicle, they may be injured. Thus, it may be best to check on them, as they may need you to call 911. 

If you are involved in an accident, you should stay calm and be careful about the moves you make to avoid hurting your claim. It will help to get legal guidance to make informed decisions to receive just compensation.