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What one tip can help reduce bicycle accidents?

In 2018, 209 bicycle accidents happened. These crashes were attributed equally to riders and drivers. So, everyone has to be on top of keeping bicyclists safe because there is blame on both sides.

While there are many tips for being safer on a bicycle, such as always wearing a helmet and using lights for visibility, there is one important point to keep in mind that can make your trips safer.

The top tip for bicyclists

Many people who ride bicycles are not aware or do not abide by the fact they have to follow the exact same road laws as vehicles. When bicyclists do not honor these laws, they are increasing their chances of an accident. When drivers do not know bicycles are supposed to follow road laws, they also can cause accidents.

Important laws to note

While some laws, such as speed limits, may not always apply since bicycles cannot usually exceed the speed limits set for vehicles, the other laws are important to follow. This means you should stop at all stop signs, open all other road signs and treat all stoplights as you would if you were in a car.

You also must drive on the road the same way as vehicles. Stay to the far right so that others can pass you more easily, but never ride facing traffic or on the wrong side of the road. If a road is one-way, you must obey the flow of traffic. If authorities close a road, then it is off access to you also.

By understanding and knowing that bicycles must follow road laws, you can be much safer on the roads. Drivers also need to know this so that they can make better decisions when interacting with bikes on the roads.