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Top 3 causes of ATV accidents

All-terrain vehicles are popular for trail riding, property maintenance tasks and recreational activities. As ATV riders, it is important to understand that these vehicles also come with risks of injuries and accidents. Safe ATV operation starts with understanding the most common causes of accidents so you can practice safe operation.

There are three leading causes of ATV accidents.

1. Inexperienced riding

Inexperienced riders are a common cause of ATV accidents. Operating an ATV safely requires a certain level of skill, experience and familiarity with the controls. Novice riders may struggle to control the ATV properly, particularly in challenging conditions. Misjudging turns, failing to react in a timely manner and riding without adequate training all contribute to inexperienced rider accidents.

2. Speeding on uneven terrain

Speeding on uneven terrain also puts ATV operators at risk of an accident. While rough, uneven and unpredictable surfaces make ideal environments for ATVs, those same surfaces can pose safety hazards if you travel too quickly. At high speeds, the jostling and shifting of uneven terrain increases the chances of an operator losing control and causing injuries. Choose your trails carefully and adjust your speed accordingly.

3. Riding on paved roads

When you travel on paved roads with an ATV, you have an increased risk of accidents. ATVs have a higher center of gravity and a wider wheelbase than traditional vehicles, which makes them unstable on paved surfaces. You might lose traction on asphalt as well. Keeping ATVs to the off-road terrain ensures safety.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission records an average of 105,000 ATV and off-road accidents every year. Be mindful of your riding practices so you reduce the risk of accidents on the trails.