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Compensation available after a car accident

According to the Department of Transportation, a traffic accident occurred every 3 minutes and 27 seconds in Alabama in 2021. In this state, there is a no-fault system where your insurance provider pays for your injuries and losses regardless of fault.

However, if your coverage is not enough, you can take the other party to court for the additional expenses. There are a few types of compensation you may ask for in court.

Medical expenses

In the aftermath of a car accident, the foremost concern typically revolves around medical bills. These expenses can accumulate swiftly, encompassing hospital stays, surgeries, medication and rehabilitation. You can seek help with covering these medical costs to ensure you receive the necessary treatment without compromising your financial well-being.

Lost wages

Accidents often result in missed workdays due to injuries. Potential compensation may include provisions for these lost wages, assisting you in maintaining financial stability while you recuperate.

Property damage

The damage to your vehicle is another significant concern. You can seek damages to repair or replace your car, allowing you to regain mobility without undue financial strain.

Intangible costs

Compensation is not solely restricted to tangible expenses. It can also account for intangible costs. This may include physical pain during and after the accident and the emotional distress you experienced, including anxiety, trauma or depression.

Accidents can also disrupt your ability to engage in hobbies, activities or even daily life. Awards from the court can acknowledge the loss of quality of life resulting from the accident.

Permanent disability

In cases of severe injuries, accidents can lead to permanent disabilities, including permanent scarring or disfigurement. You can seek damages that compensate for the life-changing consequences and emotional and psychological impact of such injuries.

Comprehending the full scope of available compensation after a car accident is important when navigating the aftermath. This understanding can aid you in securing the support needed for physical, emotional and financial recovery.